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Qwark said:
Eagle367 said:

Overpopulation isn't really a problem but what will climate change do to us. Like pakistan was flooded. Will India also get flooded? That is more scary. China's population is also aging so China needs to start taking immigrants or it will suffer like Japan. Of course that will change china's politics too. The CCP has a huge problem on its hand. And I hope the BJP is destroyed in India the party sucks and is fascist

In the grand scheme of things overpopulation isn't that big of a problem. Locally however it poses some serious pressure on the available land, infrastructure and population. The increasing pollution also limits the access to food and clean drinking water. So in general India is in pretty deep shit as well. Especially now that climate change will also cause more weather extremes and more harvests too fail. As for China the sheet size of China might make it possible for China to survive, also they have no issue with slave labouring a minority, so they can pull of a Qatar, I guess.

Those are some good points. They could create a 2nd class indentured servitude system like Saudi and Qatar and UAE. That would pull a lot of people from India and Pakistan and Bangladesh and other neighbours over as well. And maybe they could also attract tech heads and scientists. But the difference between those specific arab states and China is that they don't need a lot. Qatar has like 2 million migrant workers and almost 1 million locals or something if I remember correctly. China would need a lot lot more. I think it's unsustainable and we will see a very different China in 30 years and beyond.

And yes climate change is gonna be a huge issue especially if those glaciers melt more and more.  Pakistan and India will have huge floods and then when the glaciers are gone, it'll be tough times ahead. Man why can't we get rid of fossil fuels.

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also