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mZuzek said:
theRepublic said:

This gave me an idea.  Here are the highest ranked games with the fewest votes.  People that voted for these must have had them ranked very high in their lists.  Although that seems to break down when you get toward the top of the list.

  • Highest game with 2 votes: Warcraft III at 214

Warcraft III's two votes came in at #1 and #2, it's pretty crazy. It finished well ahead of Warcraft II with only half the votes.

As for some games ending up behind others with fewer votes, even when only considering the highest ranked game of each number of votes, it's just because they had worse votes overall. So for example, Minecraft's 7 votes averaged 8th place on the lists it was in, whereas Yoshi's Island's 8 votes averaged 14th place on theirs. So Minecraft ended up ahead - by one point.

If we look towards the top of the list, there's a good example right near the top with Ocarina of Time finishing ahead of Super Mario Galaxy with one fewer vote. And looking at the spreadsheet, OoT has SMG beat by a big margin, SMG would need at least 3 more high-ranking votes to surpass it.

And yes, I was pretty disappointed with Shadow of the Colossus' placement.

Right.  I get how the point system works.  I was trying to point out some interesting finishes based on number of votes.  I think the "??" may have been an unclear way to do that.  I edited my post to just get rid of those.  I wasn't trying to question the results or anything like that.

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