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archbrix said:

I wonder if Switch could still finish at ~32m by the end of the year. In 2019, Switch did 4.49m with Pokemon Sw/Sh, Luigi 3, Mario Maker 2 and Ring Fit among its biggest titles.

This year, we're getting Zelda:TotK, Pikmin 4, and the remaining 24 MK tracks confirmed. But we could also see Metroid Prime 4, DK, a new Mario title (2D maybe?). Switch will be in its 7th year now, but there's still so much left in the tank for Switch to come within striking distance of the DS' total by the end of this year.

I doubt 32m this year but 31.5m is definitely doable so it should be somewhere between 31.5m and 32m by end of year. That should leave Switch with enough room to easily pass DS's record in its lifetime, and maybe before the Switch successor even comes out depending on when the launch is.