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RolStoppable said:

The love for Nier Automata is perplexing. I do intend to give the game another go after quitting it after a good 10 hours the first time around, but so much about it doesn't quite come together as it should. Be it the design of the world itself where there's a lot of terrain to run through without offering anything of substance, the artistic choice with its odd occurences of draining out the colors, or the music which reminds me of The World Ends With You where the soundtrack diverted from the usual fare of video games and more often than not doesn't really fit or sound good. The combat, including the shoot'em sections, is the only thing I considered legitimately good, but that wasn't engaging enough when traversing the world itself was such a bummer. The story couldn't keep me going either, hence why I soon stopped after starting on new game plus.

I couldn't possibly disagree more.

I thought all of the game's aspects came together very well, the world design was one of my favorite aspects and I thought the extended periods of running around were great (much like any other art form, emptiness is also important in games, to allow the content to feel meaningful), artistically it was beautiful, the soundtrack was one of the best I heard and adapted to many different in-game situations really well. And the story, well maybe it took a while for me to really get into it, but it was incredible.

The combat, especially the shoot'em sections, is the only thing I was somewhat disappointed by.

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