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Wizardry 8

20 years old by now, it is considered the best Wizardry title and the Swan Song of the classic western CRPG as a whole. And that's despite it's developer, Sir-Tech, went bust just before the end of development, and the devs finishing up the game (apart from some minor cut content due to the circumstances) and patching the game mostly at home, with no prospect of pay or royalties. Talk about dedication!

Jagged Alliance 2

Speaking of Sir-Tech, Jagged Alliance 2 got nominated by PC Gamer for "Best Game nobody played". One of the best tactics games ever, with a dark humor "Elliot, you idiot! *slap* *slap*", very good voice acting (which was recorded at the same time as Wizardry 8 above, hence why that one also has superb voice acting), and some great expansions and mods to keep it fresh to this day.