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DroidKnight said:
Blood_Tears said:

Exactly, this was squashed quite quickly. 

The only thing I can find that was debunked is that some people were thinking that leaks were possibly occurring inside of brand new unopened PS5's while being stored on shelves or transport in the vertical position.  I didn't even know that was a thing and never mentioned it in the thread.  

As far as I know, Playstation still has yet to comment on the issue.

If either one of you have a link that shows that anything I brought up has been squashed or debunked, please provide. I've looked and am unable to find it.  I could be over looking it though. 


Same. From what I read, the original source of this report, a guy who runs a repair shop, said people mistook him and thought he was saying that brand new PS5's were coming out of the box with liquid metal that had already leaked out. He was referring to consoles he has received in his repair shop which had been used for a year or more in vertical mode, then shorted out and the owners brought them in to see if he could fix them, and he was discovering liquid metal that had overheated, dripped down via gravity in vertical mode, and then hardened further down the motherboard, causing electrical shorts. This seems like a definite possible issue with launch model PS5's if you use them in vertical mode. May not be all that widespread, but it's definitely something to be mindful of, you may be at risk of an issue in vertical mode, especially in the US where consoles only come with a 1 year warranty instead of 3 years like many other countries, you are up shit creek if you use your console in vertical mode for the first year and then this happens after the warranty expires. 

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