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Nintendo always had the Japanese market except during the PS2/Gamecube/GBA days where it was even. I'm seeing a lot of people saying that the reason the Switch is dominating is because it's a handheld while PS4 and PS5 are home consoles. No, I don't believe that is the reason. Playstation has been on a decline in Japan after the PS3 and PSP days. PS4 sold 1 million units worse than the PS3 and the PS Vita sold 1/3 of the PSP sales. If Japan was all about that handheld gaming then someone explain why the PS Vita sold 6 million in comparison to the PS4's 9.4 million. Sony making a new handheld system isn't going to suddenly make them relevant in the Japanese market, because the PS Vita showed that even with a handheld system Playstation is just losing relevance. The PS5 will be no different. It will sell worse than the PS4. I'm predicting lifetime sales will be 6-7 million.