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IcaroRibeiro said:

This place looks totally out of place compared to Garreg Mach monastery

I'll wait for reviews to decide whether or not I'm getting this game, everything from art direction to design character looks just horrendous

This is similar to Fates' town-building in a separate dimension that could be accessed from anywhere. What annoys me the most about all these places, including Garreg Mach, is just how bloated they are with features that Fire Emblem does not need at all. All these things are just wasting time and taking away from the core gameplay of battles, so all these new FE games would have been better without these free-roaming spots.

It has gotten to the point where the Fire Emblem Warriors games are more enjoyable than the mainline games, because the Warriors games focus on what matters without offering anything else. Of course the gameplay style is very different, but regardless, I like Three Hopes a lot more than Three Houses. Not to mention that new game plus is a lot better in Three Hopes as well, making additional playthroughs a lot more fun.

Sadly, Engage looks like it will continue the tradition of Fire Emblem post 2010. It seems like the best I can hope for is that they'll scratch the multi-story approach for this one, because I am honestly sick of strategy games that necessitate 3+ playthroughs to have seen everything.

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