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All of the laptop manufacturers are really just assemblers of third party parts. And in many cases, they are really just marketers, they're not even assembling machines. Everybody works with multiple suppliers for parts.  In some cases, even within the same model, parts suppliers can vary. So I can buy a Dell model XXX machine and it will have different brand parts than your Dell model XXX machine. There are some laptops that are better than others, but you can't determine that by the brand name on the case.

Are you actually going to use it on the go regularly? If so, then battery life and portability are important. If not, then go with one of those big, thick, barely qualifies as a laptop units that almost universally have better cooling than the thin, lighter weight laptops.  You can still take it with you when you travel, if what you really need is just occasional portability like that, but primarily will use it at home. 

Beyond that, I'd just look at specs and price tag. Unless you're going to buy a couple of them, take them home to disassemble and inspect, then return the one (s) you don't want, I don't think there's really a good way to determine if one is higher quality than another.