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The worst home consoles of both, but well, every Sony system released was top tier except the Vita, PS3 is no exception. It has many iconic and industry-breaking games like Skyrim, Portal, Assassins Creed, Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, GTA V, Batman Arkham City, and of course the most important game released in that generation: Demon Souls

The PS3 basically shaped how the gaming landscape looks until today, it's the second most important piece of gaming hardware released in the last 20 years, the first being its generation brother Xbox 360 

Wii U has some good but extremely forgettable and uninspired games that nobody would care for their existence if not released on Switch years later. The only games on Wii U that I would include on the same hall I've just listed on PS3 would be Splatoon, Mario Maker and Zelda BOTW, those games are innovative, fun and have a distinct feeling of "This is HD Nintendo" rather than just an iterative game release to fill a year line up.  

The controller was clunky as hell the concept was idiotic and unintuitive. The Hardware was ugly and this time the gimmick just didn't make any significant enhance for the games. The system has a severe lack of genres, even some Nintendo franchises were absent like Fire Emblem. 

The only positive thing to say about Wii U is it makes Switch's existence possible.

I'd give a PS3 a 4/5 stars and Wii U a 2/5 stars