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zero129 said:

I didnt even know PS5 didnt support 3D bluray. That kinda sucks as why would they take that away from the people who own 3d blurays?. Are you 100% sure on that as i thought it would be part of the standard of bluray?.

Anyways 3d Porn has been pretty great on PC . Pretty much all 3d works great on PC using a vr headset much better then it used to look on my old 3d tv (I no longer have it now). I hope companys keep releasing 3d movies as i do believe with the advent of VR it will be a whole new market for them that will grow.

No it doesn't, neither does my Series X. And I just read PowerDVD has now also removed 3D playback.

Last night I wanted to listen to a CD but only had the ps4 in that room, ps4 can't even read CDs. ps3/360 gen was the last gen with good media players! The PS5 doesn't support CD either, Series X can play audio CD after you install Groove Music from the MS store. The app has been discontinued since 2017 but it should still be able to play audio CDs.

As for video formats, ps4 can still read and play most of my mp4s, ps5 just gives me a black screen (It should support MP4 but apparently not the HD format I rendered them in). I haven't tried them on Series X yet but I better hang on to my ps3 for all my local content!
"Here's the Simple Fix! As mentioned, PS5 only supports MP4 (H. 264/AAC). So the direct solution is just re-encoding those unplayable MP4 files to PS5 compatible standard." Lol simple fix, the simple fix is, use ps4 or PC or TV USB port...

I hope VR catches on more, 3D movies were just getting out of the "Look at this thing bouncing right in front of your fucking face" stage. Killed again by using it for shock effect rather than immersion. James Cameron seems to be doing it right atm, but might be too late :/ 3D porn, the last hope lol.