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If I had to compare the best games of each, say the top 10, I'd actually go with the Wii U, as Nintendo's top tier games are simply the best in the industry in my opinion. Nothing on the PS3 matches Breath of the Wild the way I see it.

That said, sheer quantity of good games gives PS3 the overall edge; you got the Bioshock trilogy, Mass Effect Trilogy, Uncharted trilogy, Dead Space, Vanquish, Bayonetta, Puppeteer... the only reason my Wii U collection is bigger than my PS3 collection is because I bought my 7th gen multiplats on 360.
There is simply more worth playing on PS3.

I did prefer Wii U's controller though, both the Gamepad and the Pro, as I find the dualshock 3 horribly uncomfortable.