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SvennoJ said:
zero129 said:

Yeah you can watch 3D movies on Pc pretty easy using a number of different apps such as Big Screen etc. I thought it would be the same with PS5 Vr.

I hope so but there's no word on it yet. Most likely not at release, maybe Sony will patch it in later. However since the ps5 doesn't support 3D blu-ray playback I'll keep my expectations low. It will show the movie in 2D on a big screen but I can do that anyway.

Is 3D porn still around? It was crude on PSVR, definitely needed work unless you're into giants lol. 3D you tube also looked way off scale. The Joshua Bell VR experience is still the best I've seen, the whole 3D experience thing kinda died down after that.

Joshua Bell VR did some trickery to make it possible to move your head instead of the fixed point perspective you normally get. Pretty convincing and made normal 3D look like crap :/ A 3D rendered movie with that tech would be cool. Parallax is half the 3D immersion and not possible in the cinema until holographic projectors are invented.

I didnt even know PS5 didnt support 3D bluray. That kinda sucks as why would they take that away from the people who own 3d blurays?. Are you 100% sure on that as i thought it would be part of the standard of bluray?.

Anyways 3d Porn has been pretty great on PC . Pretty much all 3d works great on PC using a vr headset much better then it used to look on my old 3d tv (I no longer have it now). I hope companys keep releasing 3d movies as i do believe with the advent of VR it will be a whole new market for them that will grow.