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SvennoJ said:
zero129 said:

Can that not be done like on PC where you can get like a screen in VR and watch whatever you want on it?.

Yes easily but that just puts it on a virtual flat 2D cinema screen. I have no idea whether stereoscopic 3D blu-ray playback is supported on PC, nor does my laptop have a blu-ray drive or any drive at all :/

Seems 3D streaming is very limited as well, no mention of VR headsets.

It worked so nicely on PSVR, full screen 3D stereoscopic blu-ray playback, however the resolution of PSVR was just too low to fully show the movie. PSVR2 has the resolution for 3D blu-ray, but I'm afraid the home 3D movie ship has sailed...

Yeah you can watch 3D movies on Pc pretty easy using a number of different apps such as Big Screen etc. I thought it would be the same with PS5 Vr.