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I already bought a second one, so it was well received. (My oldest is using the first one I bought every day).

It's a great machine although also very big. At least it has a standard power cord since I move it around between different TVs. Unlike the Series X that has an extra long connector for the power cord so you can't use a different one /facepalm, have to bring the cord along and dig it out every time...

But I still like the UI of the PS4 more, actually still like the UI of the PS3 more (apart from it being slow). PS5 is not great as a media player, worse than the PS4 which was worse than the PS3. Quick resume also regularly fails due to not playing on the primary PS5 (my son uses that to use my ps+ account) with the result that quick resume gets blocked by it trying to verify the license before psn connection has succeeded.

However the games have been great, the dualsense is amazing (apart from the battery life) and I can't wait for psvr2 to come out.