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Qwark said:

No, because a review can also be targeted to those who never played the original. The writer should probably mention whether or not the writer played the original. Especially remakes of games that are decades old haven't always been played by the people who buy these games to begin with.

The bolded is an interesting point too.  When it finally comes out, I might rehash this argument for another example: System Shock Remake.  Only that one (as it stands) I've only accumulated info via cultural osmosis, as someone else put it. 

Maybe the poll wouldn't be so close in those conditions.  Perhaps there's something tied to OG Dead Space's availability that gives a heightened expectation, like I ought to do my homework.  System Shock is often cited as a notoriously unapproachable game without mods, and still quite dated with them, so the audience would intuitively rein in expectations.