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DonFerrari said:
mjk45 said:

While it may look good to be leading a resurgent Xbox in NA taking your best market for granted is a dangerous game to play and the longer it goes on the more dangerous it becomes .

Even though the PS3 did go from struggling to sell 60/70 million to eventually sneaking past the 360 with around 87 mill sold helping see Sony out of the doldrums to at least having a little wind in their sails coming into the next gen, it was mainly Europe that drove the PS4's increase something that in turn helped strengthen both the Sony and PlayStation brand image worldwide.

There may be logistical reasons to the discrepancy, but if I put money on it, it would be due to there focus not being about how the PS4's overall sales success was achieved and how to replicating but that their pride took over and retaining NA became the focus, now that's ok except they have done so at the expense of other areas.

I think it have more to do with limited inventory and selling where they believe will profit more than just beating MS on NPD.

With the increased price for the PS5 they now retail for 549.00 euro / 479 pound the exchange rate equivalent of 582.00 US dollars and even before the increase they were retailing at 499 euro/ 525 US dollars so even before the price hike Sony were making $26.00 more than the $499.00 US retail.

Last edited by mjk45 - on 21 December 2022

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