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JEMC said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

The 2 months before they had an unnatural push, so this month is more like a correction in that regard. Over the course of those two month, 1060, 1660 and 2060 each gained over 1% despite their age, while the 3060 even won over 2%. Especially the October numbers were suspicious, as those 4 cards rose a combined 4 percentage points that month alone. 

I see. Thanks. Something went wrong in September and October and they corrected that. But it's odd that the problem has only, or mostly (I haven't checked all the other cards) the Nvidia xx60 cards.

My guess is that those are in cybercafés and the like, and thus got counted several times over. Cybercafés tend to use these higher mid-range GPUs, as they generally are powerful enough for the newest games and not nearly as expensive as high-end cards, but last much longer and thus are more economic than a cheaper xx50 card.