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Chicho said:

4 and 6 are good, 5 not so much.


FF4 was my first FF game but I love 6, must have played it at least over 10 times - currently playing the PC (non-pixel) version right now.

Finished 5 again for like the 5th time few months ago and ya its the worst of the SNES trilogy.

Loneken said:

For me, FF VI is the best in the series.
FF V is really fun and the job system is fantastic. Even if the story is not really good, the gameplay is incredible flexible and deep.

Job system is great indeed, story is okay but it clearly has the weakest cast of the SNES trilogy.

twintail said:

Might finally be able to finish these. As much as I enjoyed NES SNES rpgs, and love FF, I've just never found the 2D ones to be engaging enough. The furthest I got was either FF4 or 5.

You are missing out on FF6 - its the best of the three.

Chrkeller said:

VI is worth a go.  Easily the best 16 bit rpg outside chrono.  One of the best final fantasy games created.  Far superior to 1 through 5.

Yep, this.

FF6 is comparable to Chrono Trigger - two of my most favorite SNES RPGs.

Jpcc86 said:

ESRB ratings pages have had the PlayStation 4 and Switch listings removed, it only says Microsoft PC now.

Damn, either it was a unfortunate mistake or they are covering their asses because SE will want to announce it later.

Blood_Tears said:

Yes, SE could have had it removed because of the FF 35th anniversary stream on December 18th where official announcements are likely to be made.

Oh damn, forgot about that - ya, its absolutely being revealed then.