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gtotheunit91 said:

As much as it is a bummer that I can't outright buy the classic games I wanna play, it helps when you split up the cost with 7 others in a family plan lol. It's great paying only $10/year for all the classic N64 games I grew up playing and bonus extras like the MK8D booster pass without dishing out $25.

I do hope eventually that we'll get the option to purchase individual games again. Especially now that Nintendo is attaching everything, FINALLY, to Nintendo Accounts. So everything we have now, should be moved over to whatever their next system is.

Personally I much prefer the subscription system. So much cheaper and you get everything. Just a much more consumer friendly system than the VC. Just on the first day, yesterday, of having the expansion pack i played Banjo and FzeroX a good amount and would have had to pay $20 on the old VC model while it only costs me an extra $30 over the basic subscription to get those and all the other N64 and Genesis games plus all the extra MK8D courses for a whole year. I also played a little bit of several other games, oh and I played some of the new MK8D courses as well. I don't even want to think about how many hundreds of dollars I would have to drop under a Virtual Console system to be able to play what I'll end up playing this year for $50.

VC model was cool back in 2007, but it was just soooo expensive compared to today's world of cheap subscriptions. But I agree it'd be a nice option for that niche where people want to pay extra to be able to download a few games. Like if you're only interested in a handful of games and you want to be playing them 10 years from now then yeah VC model is cheaper. And I mean it'd just give Nintendo even more money so I'm sure they wouldn't mind, but they are also lazy in building out online stuff so I doubt they'll add this alternative when the majority of people prefer to have immediate cheap access to full libraries of games.

Assuming they add GB and GBA in the expansion pack, and once they get all the games out (I'm also dreaming of them adding GC when the Switch 2 is out) the expansion pack will be like the ultimate retro games subscription. I really think they should open up the service outside of Nintendo systems and just let anyone online subscribe. I could totally see them getting like 100 million $50/year subscriptions eventually if it was available to anyone. Probably lots of 35-50 year olds out there who played games in the 90s but don't buy systems anymore but would pay a cheap $50/year price to get 200-300 of the games they played as a kid available to them anywhere.