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Personally never had any issues with enemies from behind, I am constantly running around engaging enemies so I rarely stay in one place for any length of time. I will say one of the reasons why I do not play on the harder difficulty is not that its hard but because regular enemies power through most of your abilities which does not make it fun to play so I can see where that is a problem.

For Bosses, I rarely use the target lock but that is because I am always initiating combat and rushing towards them unless they are doing their teleport thing. I spent a lot of time in the training area using different moves to see how effective they are and always looking at moves that juggle the enemies where you can get the max amount of damage.

I also have upgraded and mastered all trees for all weapons which is where the training area really helps especially getting into your fire, frost or stun abilities the quickest as it helps to dish out more damage in a short period of time.