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Incredible hardware sales for the thre of them, with both the Switch ans Series having their best week of the year and PS5 having the second best. it's kind of scary how popular BF has become here and also how quickly.

Software wise, good hold for Pokemon, and of course, Let's Dance appears once again now that X.mas is coming. Also, that Fifa for the Switch in third place saddens me.

Thanks for the numbers, polofresco.

Norion said:

I guess for the PS5 Europe is gonna get the short end of the stick for BF week. Hopefully it's not the entire holiday season.

I doubt things will improve for the holidays. Sony owns the european console market and they not only know it, but also uses it to their advantage, because they know that people will wait until they can get a PS5 before buying an Xbox (Switch is on another league).

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