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Elon Musk’s version of free speech is like a dystopian dumpster fire version of a social media.

Crypto scams, hate speech, lies, and fake identities. Also, pinching users for subscription fees, and banning people who satirize or criticize Elon Musk.

But how long can it last? Elon is like a child who needs a nap, spewing tantrums against his major business partners who don’t like the idea of anti-Semitism and the spoofing of their Twitter accounts to trick customers and shareholders.

The best thing that came out of this whole thing is a compelling argument against the idea that wealth=competence. It’s not a new idea, as enlightenment writers, two hundred years ango, often criticized the idea of wealth and titles equaling competence. It seems society has to learn these basic lessons all over again—even though it’s blatantly obvious to the majority of people.

Last edited by Jumpin - on 01 December 2022

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