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ConservagameR said:

So as a rich white male, who realizes they are where they are due to natural advantages, why haven't you given up enough wealth to the needy so you live like an average individual instead of a king?

How little can someone be paid before it's unacceptable? How long before anyone needs a raise?

The fact that you don't seem to want variety or the ability to choose to be an option is quite concerning. Not everyone is the same.

The bolded part I am going to call it out as pure BS statement.  It first shows that you have no clue on the context of the discussion since none of the arguments presented stated that Pemalite, through his hard work to attain his level of comfort does not apply the same standards to anyone else.  It also suggests a pure lack of understanding of the context of the discussion as stating an equality for a level playing field for all so they can achieve their goals.  It's the kind of statement that says I am not listening but throwing crap at the wall just to make a reply.

For your second sentence, why don't you tell us what is acceptable to you for your time and effort for a job.  How long would you work hard before you feel you need a raise. Why don't you answer those questions first so we get a base line of what you feel concerning those questions then others can share what their baseline is.