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The consensus for this one is in line with the critical reception, one of the best RPG's of all time! But personally, I thought of it as one of the more overrated games I played, an 8.5/10 at best. I remember really enjoying the first half, but the final 3rd of the game (minus a certain twist I guess) got boring that I found myself rolling my eyes over and over again and just wanted the game to end at some points lol. To each their own but it's how I felt unfortunately...

The game doesn't innovate much over the more innovative Persona 3 (having played and finished P3P, and only watched the P4 anime). The cast of characters in P3 was endearingly realistic with no cringe moments. And it had not one, not two, but THREE heartbreakers that are unforgettable, and a great ending. No power of friendship/love entirely saving the day bullshit, or cringey sympathy towards an asshole. I hope Persona 6 inherents some of what made P3 a special game.

In the end though, it's just my unpopular opinion.