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mZuzek said:
SegaHeart said:

Which is the better RPG this generation if it's one of? Xenoblade 3 vs FF7 Remake vs Persona 5 Royal and others? Is it better than all the fire emblems?

That's the thing, I don't really play RPGs a lot. Haven't played any Xenoblade or Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem games, it's never been a genre that interested me, and that used to apply to Persona too. It's just Persona 5 that caught my attention, it looked cool as heck, and it is. It's way more fun to play than a turn-based JRPG has any right to be.

So I can't say it's better than other RPGs of its time, but it is the only one I became interested in. And it is better than most games I've played, in any genre.

Yes, understandable.