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SegaHeart said:
Ashadelo said:

I know many people rave about 6. But when I first played that game it was already after 2005, and I personally like 5 more than 6. I think FF10 was so so

#1 FF7
#2 FF5
#3 FF8

Where would you put 6?


#2 FFV



#5 FF IX

#6 FF XV


#8 FF IV

#9 FF X

#11 FF XI

#12 FF I

#13 FF III

#14 FF II

*never played XIV

After my top 5 I think all the FF games have major issues that bother me. Sometimes the combat system will be fantastic, but the character design is not good. For example, I highly enjoy 12. I did all the side bosses etc, But I hated, hated Vaan’s character design and the cast of characters was very meh. FF10 and 13 I think are kinda tied. I did not like the world of Spira but really liked Cocoon. However, FF10 characters are lot more developed. Both games are very linear.

Edit: BTW, FFT > all final fantasy with the exception of VII