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SegaHeart said:
Ashadelo said:

Persona 5 is my first Persona game and im 30ish hours into it. This game has caused me to laugh.... A LOT. Not sure about what other people think, nor do I know what the metacritic score. I also never watched any reviews on youtube. All my cosplaying friends in KL love the game. So I some trailers and thought it looked super fun.

So I got it, and for me... I its already my second favorite jprg, only behind FF7. It's also my favorite game for this year, I love it and so far would give an A+. The style is fantastic

Hugs, I like this though you should try Vagrant Story and Xenogears on PS1 if you tried both try comparing those to Persona 5?

I beat Xenogears, really liked it, but I played it in 2006? I think, I never played vagrant story. However, I have beaten all the FF games, as those were the only games I really played for a long time. My first RPG was FF7 which I played it many years after its release, so it has a soft spot in my heart.

with all that said, what I really like about Persona 5 is...

1. The writing is super good (very funny and reminds me of when I was in school in China, I live in Malaysia now)
2. The story is not your typical save the world or war story.
3. The art style is top-notch 100%.
4. The music is soo soooooo good.

Last edited by Ashadelo - on 27 November 2022