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KratosLives said:
pitzy272 said:

Dear God, yes. I’m kind of baffled by this glaring issue. I want to figure puzzles out myself in games, and I get no satisfaction from looking up the solution. But there have been several times where not 10 seconds after I’m given the puzzle, they give me the answer. Then, there was another moment where the solution was not very straightforward, so a hint would’ve actually made sense, yet Atreus and Mimir were dead silent.

That being said, most things are definitely positive. Im very partial to the axe, but I’m being slowly drawn to the blades. They’re badass. Launching someone in the air, then impaling them with the blades, Scorpion-style, and then slamming them back to the ground, is a hell of a feeling. 

Everytime I step into a room that looks like a challenege, I mute the audio of characters

Seems like a lot of work for a problem that really shouldn't be there in the first place. I mean, I love God of War as much as anyone in here but this really should be fixed/altered. Not gonna be justifying it just because I love the game. 

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