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I am currently playing Pokemon Violet.

There is no denying that technically the game suffer from some problems. The framerate drop and the clipping is real. I have also encountered a bug where the buttons of my right joycon wouldn't register any input while the stick was working, and it was only in docked mode. It would work when the joycons were attached to the console. Rebooting the game solved the bug.

But despite these shortfalls, the game is absolutely playable and so far (12 hours of play) it's very very good and enjoyable. You get used very quickly to the clipping and don't pay attention anymore. It is unusual for Nintendo published game but very playable.

Yet , some people are talking about it like if the game was completely broken and unplayable. It's very far from the truth. This is no Assassin Creed Unity or Cyberpunk. The game plays smoothly and is ton of fun. This is better than I expected so far.

People who are expecting a bad word of mouths are fooling themselves. The game is much better than Arceus (real pokemon experience) and much better than Sword/Shield (lowest point in the serie). This is going to be an incredible and long lasting success. This is the spirit of Pokemon, the gameplay of Pokemon in a big open world.