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eva01beserk said:
zero129 said:

In InXiles case they released Wasteland 3 near end of 2020 and two expansions in 2021. <--Not our fault if you didnt play them.

In Undead Labs case they released State of Decay 2 in 2018, They releases a massive update/Expansion in 2020, have been constently updating the game with another update just a few months ago <--Once again not our fault if you didnt play it.

In Playgrounds case they released Forza Horizon 5 November 2021, released one expansion for it in 2022 so far plus a bunch of updates <-- And again not our fault if you didnt play it.

Point is for you and other Sony fans if you dont follow xbox games news or releases dont be coming talking shit unless you have facts to back it up.

Playground seems to be the only consistent team, but i dont think thats an argument anybody had on the contrary. 

But now your trying to say dlc and patches can take the entire dev time of a entire team. Most devs have just smaller parts of their team working on patches and dlc while they work on the other project. Unless its a live service game where thats the only focus.

Well if you think i need to play a game to coment on it, then you are saying you dont want any opinion from anybody outside your preference. Enjoy your echo chamber then.

Turn10 is also very consistent.  People like to forget that they helped in the development of all the Forza Horizon games and are in charge of the car roster of those games.