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Cyran said:
haxxiy said:

Case in point, in US Amazon the best-selling monitors are virtually all 1080p. Hell, 900p ones pop up almost as frequently as >1080p displays. We can't forget that we're in an enthusiast bubble here and the lay of the land can be quite different.

I don't disagree but for most part is not looking at benchmarks something that mostly contained to enthusiast market?  What percent of people have ever look at any of these benchmarks charts before buying a GPU? I bet it very low.  What percent of the people that bought those 1080P or 900P monitor have ever gone to any tech website or YouTube channel and looked at performance number before buying? 

I bet it way lower then the people buying higher end monitors so when sites decide what they going to test it make sense it going to lean more toward a enthusiast audience because they the one that going to bother reading or watching.

I just know it would be impossible for me to convince my none tech friends or family to do research on the typical tech websites/youtube before buying and there nothing I could do to convince them.  They either going to buy the cheapest or what ever the sale person recommend (most of the time someone that also have no clue what they talking about) or they just buy what I tell them to buy within the price they gave me.  

What the point of focusing on mainstream market if the target audience have 0 interest in reading or watching it.

I'm not able to speak for the whole market because I don't really have much data on it, but while I do agree with your point that most of the market probably doesn't care about benchmarks, a portion of the people that do look up benchmarks definitely cares about 1080p performance. I know I do. The real question is how many more like me are there, and that's the difficult question to answer. I imagine there are still quite a few others like me, but that's just a guess.