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SegaHeart said:
smroadkill15 said:

Good to hear. Maybe throw in some light exercising if you don't already. You will feel amazing if you stick with it.

I still do that like every morning 30 minute walk. It does feel good walking Forgot to add that in op. 

My job has me standing all day (no sitting down) and walking tons, upwards of 10-12hours a day (theres stairs too).
I lift like box's, and push carts and stuff.  Its not the greatest pay, but its rewarding and I veiw it kinda like, its a "workout" type deal.
Most people will go to work, get off work, and then go workout, to get fit.
My job basically is a workout lol (its had very positive effects on my stemina, and weight loss).
On weekends I sometimes go for a run/jog as well.

If theres time for it, you should try to up that 30min walk, to something more.
(Im convinced the reason im loseing weight so fast (even though, I'm probably eating more), is just the amount of time put it, like, if you go walk 10hours+ each day, it adds up)

It was tough at first, if your not used to just standing that many hours a day.... much less walking 10hours a day at work.
Your feet, and legs get "used" to it over time, and you build up the stamina for it.
Eventually you reach the point, where you arn't even worn out after a day like that.
Most of my co-workers are in insane shape, and have no problems going to play soccor or other sports after a full day like that, or hitting the gym after.

I think this is how it must be to be in the military with marching.
Eventually you just "grow" used to it, and even if you need to go march for 10hours your able to hold up.

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