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JRPGfan said:

The past year, I've lost like ~20kg of weight (while actually putting on more muscles). The differnce when I look at myself in the mirror daily is massive (like after a shower, brushing teeth ect). I've always only drunk water (though I have a weakness for ice tea's), and havn't really changed my eating habits (often junk foods, I do enjoy cooking myself tho).

What helped me was just getting a job thats more labour intensive, along with going on walks/jogging.
Want to lose weight? get moveing :) I highly suspect this is actually the best way to go about things, even if diet can also make a big impact.

Dieting to lose weight, it just too hard man (from my experiance).
I cant starve myself or just live off of salads (i've tried, didnt work).

as I said before, shrinking, moveing to smaller size pants, and the shock you start getting when looking in the mirror in the mornings, makes it all worth it. I know that feeling bro, and I'm with you (I spent to long being overweight).

Anyways best of luck with it!

Thanks, Also My Cousin jaanine revealed a secret weapon that she lost alot of waistline It something I didnt put it in OP because It requires to drink water and eat healthy will update on it When I see results how much smaller my waistline is gonna be :) when I was 140+ lbs I had a 31 inch waistline I drank caprisuns and several junk food but in my current form I'm 157lbs and 35 inch waistline but with me eliminating sugar drinks and Sodium and Aeliminating junk food and adding the secret weapon powder I might achieve my dream of 25 inch waistline like that one health dieter male youtuber, though he didn't reveal his story but my cousin revealed hers to my mom and me I'm excited to try everything next several weeks.