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The past year, I've lost like ~20kg of weight (while actually putting on more muscles). The differnce when I look at myself in the mirror daily is massive (like after a shower, brushing teeth ect). I've always only drunk water (though I have a weakness for ice tea's), and havn't really changed my eating habits (often junk foods, I do enjoy cooking myself tho).

What helped me was just getting a job thats more labour intensive, along with going on walks/jogging.
Want to lose weight? get moveing :) I highly suspect this is actually the best way to go about things, even if diet can also make a big impact.

Dieting to lose weight, it just too hard man (from my experiance).
I cant starve myself or just live off of salads (i've tried, didnt work).

as I said before, shrinking, moveing to smaller size pants, and the shock you start getting when looking in the mirror in the mornings, makes it all worth it. I know that feeling bro, and I'm with you (I spent to long being overweight).

Anyways best of luck with it!