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I still weigh the same currently 157lbs but I have seen changes more drastically now, My waistline seems smaller and my hips about 37 inches what I eat everyday. Saw my my Skin getting more whiter and Milkier while though still sun burnt abit from summer insane heat 2022.

  • Cobb Salad bowl or BLT salad bowl from Walmart did this since 2019
  • New past 2 weeks I eat Jazz Apples their yummy and softer to bite through
  • New past 2 weeks Drink water though little bit (no more Caprisun or flavored water)
  • New past 2 weeks Oranges 2 of them
  • New past 2 weeks (I dont ever eat a snack anymore if I do It's um oh damn I dont eat snacks anymore maybe mini bag of oh I guess I'm being a healthy nut now)
  • New past 2 weeks I avoid things that have any sodium too besides avoiding sugar except if it has less sugar good kind like a banana I'd eat it
  • I'm same weight and might get lower coming months and I found out I don't have to starve ever again Water + fruits + Veggies aka salad bowls don't increase my weight and I eaten alot of fruits and veggies but barely drink water though no Sugary drinks or flavored water.