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PAOerfulone said:

Are we sure that the adjusted forecasts is because of the semi-conductor shortages and not because at over 114 Million Units sold and apporaching 6 years old the Switch is starting to reach market saturation?

Edit: Also GO Xenoblade 3! Already past Xenoblade 1 DE's total at the end of last year. You go for Xenoblade 2 and you don't look back!!! Hopefully the Wave 4 of the Expansion Pass will give it a boost next year to get it over that hump...

And can we PLEASE get Noah and Mio getting back together?!? I'm begging you, Monolith Soft!!!

It probably is a combination of semi-conductor and market saturation in some regions whereas demand is strong on the other. I'm not really sure what the chart I posted indicates, but my understanding is that hardware sold to customers are basically unfazed, whereas hardware sold to retailers dropped. Which means, they aren't producing enough to sell to retailers despite demand. 

Last edited by Shatts - on 08 November 2022