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All games in the top 10 surpassed my personal predictions except for RFA which sold a bit below that and BDSP which I had spot on with 14.92mil.
Remarkable is that Pokémon Let's Go outsold BDSP this quarter selling 150k copies while BDSP sold only 130k.

Hardware is a bit disappointing with only 3.25mil. @curl-6 you a mistake there, the Switch was at 111.08mil the previous quarter. Since the PS5 shipped 3.3mil this last quarter this means the PS5 was shipped more than the Switch by 50k units.

Software sales are at 917.59mil total, which is exactly 54mil for the quarter, very impressive and way up from the 41.41mil for the previous quarter.

Last edited by Kakadu18 - on 08 November 2022