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JuliusHackebeil said:

Yeah, I am aware of one good game from Nomura (KH1). Yet he is again and again allowed to helm big projects. I hear FF7 remake (he was the director of that one, right?) turned out to be rather good aswell. But that was perhaps because the bluepront for the story was already there. And I heard there were some devisive changes. Still intend to play it as soon as all three games are out.

Than again I think the broader gaming community does not know about Nomura in the same way they know about Kojima. I suppose Nomura is the most overrated by diehard KH-fans and weirdly by SquareEnix themselves. I don't get why they keep handing him projects.

KH1 was good because it wasn't bogged down with constant "OH but then..." moments with terms and words thrown at you which have no meaning in wider context. FF7R was not a good story or well written, every other line was anime 'sigh' noise, plus the end is just jibberish.

By name, Kojima is more widely known, for sure which is good overall but outside the gaming world, how many creators are really known? Sid Meier? John Romero? List isn't long. Not like movie directors or book writers.

Last edited by The Fury - on 02 November 2022

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