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IcaroRibeiro said:

I haven't played any of his games, neither I'm interested

My true question to this thread is how he became famous in first place. I get he make games that are praised and successful, but I mean, most of video games directors aren't celebrities at all, despite how good they are. I never see headlines about The Last of Us creators, or Dark Souls creators, but I see news about Kojima almost on monthly basis

What exactly gave him enough clout to yield threads like this?

5. Five people made Doom in 1993.

80s and 90s was a different era. So you know who Shiggy was. Yuji Naka. John Romero. More stuff was new, ground breaking to the industry but creating new genres and such. Mario,Doom, Sonic and more were a new concept. Video game magazines were the only exposure to them but the people who read them were really into gaming as the industry was still somewhat niche. So a new game instead of the new game from publisher X, it was more the new game from John Carmack or Kojima. Teams were smaller then. Some games made by a single person. Unlike now where a AAA game has like 800+ people working on it. Industry now is insanely huge, mainstream. New genres and innovations are sparse at best and mainly just variations of things that exist already. We don't get to know who makes them really anymore. Just a studio with hundreds of people.

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