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Hiku said:
Hiku said:

There were strange, uncomfortable concepts in the early games. But once he started focusing on them more and more with the later ones, it gave the whole game a really bad aftertaste for me.

To elaborate a bit on this, for example in MGS3 there was a character sexually abusing/assaulting other characters.
But those events were implied. And it still gets across the message that war is horrible well enough.

But then in MGSV there's a straight up r@pe tape (audio). And then when they're done they shove a bomb up her vagina.

I don't know if Kojima think that's edgy, but I didn't need to hear/see all that.
I much prefer how he did it in MGS 3 where he has a character say "go wait for me in my room", etc.

I honestly think Kojima should have just stuck with the whole "patriotism for ourselves" and the war economy storylines, instead of "peace through disarming nukes (which hasn't happened irl and only happened for console owners, since PC hasn't disarmed theirs), and bombs embedded in vaginas/ breathing through skin.

Heck, the doppelganger plot point was better than the deal with paz and Quiet, and felt more grounded. I just think that Kojima tosses these completely random and edgy bits and pieces to catch you off guard, and I mean, yeah it does, but I didn't ask for stuff like bombs in vaginas or a strip down shower scene with guys watching quiet, in my action espionage game?. 

The different enemies we've faced from MGS1-4 were interesting, and yeah some had otherworldly means of gaining those powers or using them, but their backstories made some sense (Like how Vamp was made semi immortal via nanomachines, or Fortune believing she was psychic, but she had advanced tech on her belt).

I do wish Kojima would leave the sexual stuff outside the box, since most of what he creates is within a serious or mysterious tone, and sex doesn't really play a part in his storytelling anyway. 

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