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Chrkeller said:
bowserthedog said:

Would love to hear your rationale. 6 years is a long time for Nintendo to go without any new chipset be it console or handheld.  

Likely we discussed this before and we simply disagree.  If BotW2 were launching with a substantial hardware upgrade, Nintendo via PR would br hyping it by now...  or at least announcing it.  If there is an upgrade, it minor.

Not necessarily. 

It would be very stupid for Nintendo to tank their holiday sales for a product that won't be available until 6 months from now or when ever really. They have product to sell in the here and now and a holiday season ahead of them. 

I've said it before but in today's day and age, announcing hardware 6+ months in advance is just stupid unless your existing hardware is basically dead like the Wii U was and even then Nintendo really did not start any actual promotion/product reveal for the Switch until just about 4 months ahead of launch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED were also only announced about 3 months prior to launch. 

Last edited by Soundwave - on 24 October 2022