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padib said:
Pemalite said:

You don't get it. - It doesn't matter how many rumors end up being accurate.

We still get a massive deluge of false ones.

And because of such, we will -never- be able to ascertain which rumors are fact and which rumors are fiction before an official announcement.

You said Never trust rumors. You didn't say earlier we can never be able to ascertain which are true and which are false. You're adjusting your shot.

If a percentage is true, then it becomes a matter of detecting the likelihood of veracity. So rumors can be useful, you just should never blindly believe all, but you can try to find some truth through them. Some come from more trustworthy sources, some are more likely for technical reasons, so all it takes is to look at them and try to figure it out.

Obviously we will never know for sure, but it can help us get a sense of what's up. It makes sense to do that.

Correct. I said never trust rumors. Why? Because you don't know what is true and what is not.
And if you are unable to determine what is truth and what is not, you discard the lot until you get information from an empirical source. I.E. Official announcements.

That isn't a shifting of the goal post.

It's fact.

Remember when people thought the PS5/Series X was going to have 32GB-128GB of Ram? Yeah. Most rumors are a joke.

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