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Vodacixi said:

I agree: that offer was insulting. And there's definitely something shady with Platinum considering they lied about the reason Helena would not be returning.

However, I think is very immature and egocentric to ask other people to boycott a game just because you wanted to get paid more. It's your personal problem, you cannot hope to make fans "go to war" just for you.

Also also, trash talking about Jennifer is completely out of place and just mean. She has no blame in the matter and is just doing her job (flawlessly I might add).

I don't know, if she just told the reason she is not in the game and expressed her situation I would feel far more simpathetic towards her. But the way she decided to approach the situation was very childish and disrespectful towards Jennifer.

I haven't played the Bayonetta games, is there a lot of voice dialog in them?  The average pay for voice workers is $200-$350 an hour, I'm not sure how many hours it takes to do all the lines.