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The_Liquid_Laser said:

I actually do not like Charles Martinet's voice as Mario.  It emphasizes the kiddie/cartoony direction for Mario which I haven't really been a fan of.

8-bit Mario was actually not cartoony or kiddie per se.  8-bit graphics are neutral in that a person can imagine things the way that they want.  Final Fantasy started out in 8-bit, and it eventually evolved into ultra realistic graphics.  But with Mario they evolved it into a more kiddie/cartoony direction.  I prefer to think of Mario as a tough blue collar guy who fights Kaiju like King Kong and Godzilla.  The Charles Martinet voice doesn't fit that image of Mario for me.

I like the voice of Mario in the trailer, and I also really like Bowser's voice too.  I hope they fix the animation for Mario and Luigi before the movie is released though.  That would be my only complaint about the trailer.

That decition was made for Mario 64 and they never looked back. Mario 64 uses Zelda OOT's engine but look at the difference in art direction. For Zelda they did tried a cartoony look for Wind Waker on game cube and then went back to more realistic look. With Mario they never tried anything else. They stuck with the cartoony look.