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Quoting zero comment from another thread.
"Wow talk about a shitty flame bait thread.. Did we not just have one of the same kind of threads not long ago??. How you can do them mental gymnastics to say this isnt good for xbox gamers is beyond me with such week points. This deal is perfect for Xbox gamers and PC gamers so i am all for it."
Oh the irony!

You trying too hard to defend an anti-consumer/anti-competitive/monopolistic tax evasion corrupt corp and attacking Sony, it getting pathetic! When you gonna stop kid?!?

EDIT : LMAO here's another irony quote

"Indeed everyone i am working on my next thread right now as it is. I hope it wont be closed or me banned when threads like this are allowed to go, even more so when its pretty much a clone of another thread from not even long ago.

I know im going to be bringing myself once again down to their levels. But this has to be done. Sometimes you need to lower yourself to make a point."

Last edited by halil23 - on 08 October 2022