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KratosLives said:

I wonder why fans of xbox aren't being critical and lashing out over this aquisition, instead they see it as a win. I think it's a loss on their part, and correct me if i'm wrong.

Microsoft has been heavily criticized for it's lack of diverse range of first party titles, when compared to nintendo and sony, and people were expecting xbox to step up it's game this gen and compete wit sony and give the gamers more exclusives.

Instead what you get is the aquisition. What looks like more exclusives is in reality  getting the expected multiplat games, on gamepass, but labelled as exclusives. Microsoft will want to capitalise on the purchase , the salesand get as much out of each title it can. It's ultimate goal is to make gamepass the must have thing for gamers on the market. Microsoft now has to make up for the cost of the aquisition. I highly doubt that microsoft will now  be able or even want to, invest  in their own internal studios output of exclusives, alaong with other third party exclusives, in such a way that would have other wise put them on level with what sony and nintendo.  I just can't see how that's feasible going forward.

As a gamepass subscriber, yes there will be plenty of games coming overall, but without the aquisition,  you would have been getting all those quality titles and future new ip's as multiplat, along with a even stronger first party lineup from microsoft if they actually decided to do something about it.  What do you guys think?

Looking at Xbox's games these past few years compared to Playstation it seems Xbox is more diverse. Playstation used to be very diverse but they completely deviated to mainly a single formula.