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Hmmm I didn't really read but is the 13 billion for one company? Or several. The closest to that number is Bandai Namco, Nexon, Take-two, Roblox. Highly doubt any of them tbh, the closest is Bandai Namco but Bandai aren't just for games, like they are one of the biggest toy company so unlikely. Maybe a subsidiary, like I remember Warner Bros wanting to sell their gaming division, or Rockstar for example.

I can see Krafton (Pubg), Capcom, or Sega. Krafton because they are the most reasonable number sitting at 6.75b. Typically acquisitions cost more than the market cap, so if they're accounting for the additional fee it would make sense. Plus Pubg is a big IP even in Saudi with many competitive scenes. It sounds like Saudi is investing in esports so it would make sense to secure a competitive game. The only issue is that Tencent is behind Pubg as well so it wouldn't be easy, which is why I took out Ubisoft as a possibility. Capcom because they already have SNK, Capcom and SNK were rivals making fighting games. Maybe Saudi loves fighting game... Perhaps we might see another collaboration with Capcom and SNK if this is true. Sega Sammy is weird, because they also have multiple division like slots and arcades. I wonder if Saudi would want all of that, although slots and Saudi would make a lot of sense. Speaking of slots, Konami is probs out of the conversation bcuz it looks like Saudi wants a gaming company and Konami doesn't make games nomore lol. Also speaking of slots, there are multiple companies that go under "gaming" such as Aristocrat and Entain. They are also sitting at a close number to 13b, one is 14, and the other is 7.