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Jpcc86 said:

Golden sun - Replayed 1 and Lost Age recently and I didnt enjoy them, in fact I left Lost Age unfinished, the excess dialogue is very tiring and you cant skip it, the character's lack any form of personality or charisma. The story is all over the place. And sure, they still look good, most puzzles are ok and the djinn system is fun, but everything around that is just meh. This series cries for a remake or sequel with different takes in these areas. 

Tbh I cant think of many more examples, most games I've replayed that I used to love I still love. 

I replay them every now and then and, while dialogue can certainly be annoying sometimes, I find them very easy to digest due to them being relatively short. I can beat the first one with all the djinn in about 12-13 hours and Lost Age in 20 or so. They are very light and compact JRPGs, and I guess that helps to alleviate the more dragging aspects of these games. 

Back on topic... As much as it pains me to say it: Super Metroid. Metroid Dread has pretty much killed it for me. I can't go back to playing Super anymore. It feels so damn clunky! And to think that for a long time it was one of my favourite Metroid games... 

Oddly enough though, I can play Zero Mission, Fusion and Samus Returns just fine. Still enjoy them. But not Super xD