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shikamaru317 said:
Leynos said:

Base XBO will be it's max not it's min. This is Jetson Oriin. It's max output for what Nintendo will want is the lower end model that has a max output of 102GB bandwidth. This is not a 4K gaming machine.

For starters, Jetson Orin NX is 2 tflop to base Xbox One's 1.3 tflop. Secondly, Ampere is a far more advanced architecture than the GCN 1 GPU's used in base Xbox One and base PS4, about 5 or 6 GPU generations more advanced, so flops don't even come close to giving you the whole picture; based on the closest PC benchmark comparison I was able to make online just now, a 2 tflop Ampere GPU should be about 35-40% more powerful than the 1.8 tflop GCN GPU in base PS4 even with the lesser memory bandwidth of LPDDR5 vs PS4's GDDR5. Lastly, we still don't know if Nintendo's customized T239 will be cut down to the same degree as Jetson Orin NX, it could have slightly more cores, run at a higher clock rate, have an increased bus width and faster memory bandwidth.

This is Nintendo we are talking about, so they may go on the low end as you suggest, but then they may also realize they need to do a bit more than the minimum if they want ports of games built for Xbox Series/PS5/PC without those ports requiring Switch 1 tier high levels of optimization. Personally I choose to remain optimistic, hoping for performance somewhere between base PS4 and PS4 Pro when docked, and about base Xbox One tier in handheld mode (except with the advantage of DLSS which Xbox One and PS4 obviously doesn't have). 

Even modern games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales runs at 1080p on the baseline PS4 ... which if it had DLSS would likely scale up to 4K nicely, so I wouldn't be that surprised to see Nintendo's own games running at 4K DLSS at least assuming this is the chip. Even Miles Morales level visuals is probably higher than what a lot of Nintendo IP probably will go to.